Mesothreads therapy

Mesothreads therapy is the most popular soft tissue and sagging skin lifting method.

Mesothreads are completaly resorbable material. This miniinvasive method shows great results of face lifting, rejuvenation and tightening skin texture.

Thanks to anesthetic cream and local anestesia this procedure become easily tolerable.

Mesothreads therapy

During this procedure thin polydioxane filament is inserted by a needle under your skin. It stimulates skin to produce collagen and fibroblasts that create great support to skin tissue resulting in overall skin tightening.

Polydioxne threads has been used for many years in plastic surgery and ENT. Mesothreads resorbe within 180 day. Effect lasts up to 2 years.

It also improves lymph drainage, blood circulation leading to better skin condition.

Mesothreads are used to treat many skin areas. Application spots: lines between eyebrows, around eyes, smoker´s lines around mouth, forehead lines, kneck wrinkles, wrinkles in decollete area, it even tightens your breast, thighs, lifts doulbe chin.

After procedure i tis recommended: do not apply make-up for at least 24 hours. Bruising and swelling may develop. Lioton gel application may ease these effects.


Price list

Foreheadfrom 150 €
Around eyesfrom 72 €
Around lipsfrom 72 €
Chinfrom from  172 €
Cheeks liftingfrom 242 €
Double chinfrom 220 €
Kneck wrinklesfrom 220 €
Neck and chinfrom 300 €
Face and neckfrom 672 euro
Decolletefrom 242 euro