Botulinum toxin therapy

Using botulinum toxin therapy to achieve the most desired youthful, relaxed look is one of the most popular procedure in esthetic medicine. Botulinum toxin has long been used medical purposes.


Aside from esthetic medicine, it was first used in 1980 in neurology, but in much higher doses. So it is considered one of the safest procedure in esthetic medicine. It is mostly chosen for treating lines and wrinkles in the forehead area, crow’s feet around the eyes and for frown lines.


Botulotoxin also can help to smooth out lines on your neck and décolletage. The sooner you start regular botox treatment the sooner you can stop worrying about those unwanted wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin therapy

Botulotoxin is a protein that is injected straight into a specific muscle and causes it to relax by blocking the nerve impulse going into muscle. This will stop your skin fold, which causes the wrinkles and lines to form.


Considering that the application is done by a very fine needle, botulotoxin treatment is not an uncomfortable procedure. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. Maximum effect appears after 7-10 days. The therapy of muscle relaxation is strictly limited only to the injected muscle, it does not spread. 


Do not worry about losing your facial expression. You will shine your happy smile all around but with no wrinkles.


The effect of this treatment is temporary. It lasts from 3 to 6 months, but relaxation of the muscle helps that bad habit of frowning to go away.


Instructions after procedure

  • 4 hours after procedure you should avoid:
    •  leaning forward
    •  touching treated areas
    •  you should try to exercise treated areas
  • 2 days after procedure you should avoid
    •  sun exposure, tanning bed, sauna
    •  physical exercise
    • massaging

Price list

Wrinkles between eyebrowsfrom 92 €
Wrinkles on foreheadfrom 92 €
Crow´s feet lines ( areound eyes)from 118 €
Wrinkles between eyebrows and forehead linesfrom 162 €
Crow´s feet lines and between eyebrowsfrom 192 €
Wrinkles around eyes, between eyebrows, on foreheadfrom 202 €
Chinfrom 70 €