Lip Augumentation

Lip augmentation

If you want to give your lips a more beautiful look, increase their volume, or just adjust their shape (for example, in the case of congenital asymmetries), we recommend the application of hyaluronic acid. This is a very popular, fast and non-invasive treatment.

Catalog number: S-020

Price list
Juvéderm 1 ml 270,00 
Stylage 1 ml 200,00 
Teosyal, Restylane, Belotero 1 ml 250,00 
Kontúrovanie pier - Juvéderm 0,5 ml 150,00 
Kontúrovanie pier - Belotero, Restylane, Teosayl 0,5 ml 130,00 
Kontúrovanie pier - Stylage 0,5 ml 120,00 
Kontúrovanie pier - Teosyal 0,7 ml 180,00 

Modeling with HA

Application of hyaluronic acid to the lip area conjures up a beautiful, juicy, youthful and attractive image of your lips. With repeated application, it is possible to achieve a permanent increase in volume. Our lips are in their natural state mostly very fine, soft tissue. Hyaluronic acid strengthens the lips, moisturizes them wonderfully and shapes them into the desired appearence. In addition to the volume, it gives the lips more pronounced contours.

How does the application work?

Performance is performed under combined local anesthesia with lip numbness spray and/or with inhalation analgesia with tomato gas. Complete painlessness can be achieved by dental injection anesthesia. The whole performance lasts up to 30 minutes.

After application

After the procedure, there is a significant swelling of the lips, but this is a natural reaction of the body to injections. The swelling lasts mlostly for 2 days, after which it is gradually resorbed. You should also expect bruising and mild tenderness in the lip area for about a week. It is important not to hold your lips with your hands the day after the procedure to avoid the possible infection. The swelling can be alleviated by cold compresses and nutritional supplements containing arnica.

We see the final effect after 2-3 weeks. Better stabilization of hyaluronic acid is achieved by sufficient hydration. The duration of the effect is individual in the range from 5 to 9 months. It all depends on the metabolism of the organism. The absorption of hyalurononic acid is accelerated by intense sports and a dynamic lifestyle.