Hair Mesotherapy

The procedure is intended for excessive hair loss, problems with alopecia or for reviving hair roots. Hair mesotherapy applied by Vital injector, a device with special microneedles that ensure even and painless application to the required depth in the skin.

Hair mesotherapy consists of applying a multivitamin mesosera directly to the mesodermis, which is a layer of skin that contains blood vessels and hair follicles. The mesoserium contains vitamins, trace elements, anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants.

Stops hair loss

Revitalization of hair follicles

Restores hair growth

Catalog number: S-083

Price list
Balíček vlasových ošetrení 750,00 
1x45min ošetrenie Vital Injectorom 90,00 

Dracula’s Hair Plasma Mesotherapy. Weak, thin, damaged hair with a tendency to break and fall out – does this sound familiar? PRP (platelet rich plasma) is an elixir of life hidden in your veins. Thanks to a special center function, in special syringes, we will obtain a concentrate of the body’s own growth factors from your blood. They stop hair loss and support the growth of new and strong hair. In congenital conditions such as androgenic alopecia, there is no complete cure, but the progression of the disease stops and the baldness itself is delayed. Therefore, if you see in your parents what awaits you, it is ideal to start therapy before they begin to thin their hair massively. We apply the plasma directly to the scalp into the scalp using the Vital Injector. Hair plasma therapy is repeated 3 times with an interval of one month. Furthermore, to maintain the effect, we recommend repeating the therapy once every 6 months.

When is it appropriate to apply hair mesotherapy?

Hair loss can occur at any age. The most common causes are stress, a low-vitamin diet, decreased intestinal absorption of vitamins, genetic alopecia (baldness), postpartum conditions and many other conditions.

How does hair mesotherapy work?

The therapy is applied with a Vital Injector, which is a mesotherapy gun that injects 5 meshesera directly into the hair follicle through 5 needles.

The application is not painful due to the application of an anesthetic spray and a local anesthetic directly in the applied mixture.

The whole performance lasts 30-45 minutes.

What is the recommended application frequency?

8 applications are recommended, each one one week apart.