Nose Correction

A very popular performance is the application of filling material to various parts of the nose. Although, paradoxically, in some cases we add a filler to the nose, so the nose seems optically smaller. It is important to add the right amount of the filler to the exact place so that the resulting effect is natural.

Your nose is the most crucial point of the face. With the right amount of the filler and gold hands of our profesional doctors, it is possible to achieve your desired effect of smaller or straighter nose in a few minutes with no bone cracking nor long convalescence.

Duration of the procedure: 30 min

Catalog number: S-014


Duration of the procedure: 30 min


Hyaluronic acid correction

Don’t like your profile? A bump on the nose? Are you afraid to have plastic surgery in a complete anesthesia? Try nasal correction by applying hyaluronic acid. With the filling we can fill the depressions or round the bony shapes, even raise the tip of the nose.

How is it applied?

Hyaluronic acid is administered by injection. It takes place under the local anesthesia, so it is performed without unpleasant pain. The filling material is applied with a thin needle or cannula, depending on the injection site.

After the performance?

After the operation, there may be swelling in the nose area, occasionally under the eyes and also bruising, but it all goes away within 2-3 days. The whole exercise takes about 30 minutes. To reduce swelling, you can take nutritional supplements containing Arnika medical 2-3 days before the procedure.

Duration of effect

The effect lasts for about a year.

By applying hyaluronic acid to the nose area, we also support the production of collagen and thus partial remodeling, which means that if you want to preserve harmonious shapes, you do not have to undergo a new application every year for the rest of your life, but after repeated application, the nose will be so remodeled it keeps the shape permanently. How many applications you will have to complete in total is very individual. For some of you it will be 3, for some 5.