A lot of people nowadays are looking for a ways to reduce body fat without surgery which often involves potential risks such gastric bypass or gastric bandages.

Redustim is the most efficent alternative to fight the visceral fat and at the same time simulate the release of the abdominal fat.

It is non invasive, totally painless and has no side effects or potential risks. The results of this procedure are lasting, visible and safe in. every aspect.

Price list
Skúšobné sedenie – 15 minút 20,00 
30 minút 75,00 
30 minút 3+1 Zadarmo 225,00 
30 minút 9+3 Zadarmo 675,00 
45 minút 90,00 
45 minút 3+1 Zadarmo 270,00 
45 minút 9+3 Zadarmo 810,00 
60 minút 100,00 
60 minút 3+1 Zadarmo 300,00 
60 minút 9+3 Zadarmo 900,00 

What does Redustim looks like?

Redustim consists of a device attached to a special integral suit, which cover a large part of the body from the feet to the upper abdomen (solar plexus area).

What is redustim?

Redustim is a slimming device and biomagnetic method which works on the combination of alternating low-frequency magnetic fields and controlled micro-pressure to reduce belly fat and adjust the waistline.

Redustim succesfully reduces body fat, shinkrs. the circuit of the tights and waist, even improves the patency of the fallopian tubes.

What results can I expect?

Patients can expect two dress size reduction after series of treatment.

Redustim causes an average loss of app. 6cm around the waist after 12 sittings.