Mole Removal

When are they removed?

Moles are removed for health reasons. When there is a suspicion that cancer cells may be present in the mole, they are manifested by a change in color, uneven edges, itching or in a change in shape.

Signs are also removed for aesthetic reasons, when the sign is in an unsuitable place, or when there is constant irritation and minor injuries due to the location of the sign, e.g. on the neck, in the hair, at the point of contact with clothing.

Catalog number: S-079

Price list
1 znamienko 60,00 
2 znamienka 90,00 
3 znamienka 120,00 


The whole performance takes about 30 minutes depending on the number of moles removed. The mole is removed surgically under local anesthesia.

After the performance

For 10 days, we recommend physical examination and do not soak. A histological analysis is a matter of course, which will determine exactly what type of mole was involved and whether further treatment is needed.

After 10 days, the stitches are removed and we will give you the results of the histological examination.