Mini-invasive Lifting

Unique, minimally invasive, long-lasting, painless face lifting. It provides a similar effect as surgical face lifting. Silhouette soft lift is a unique, american method that is considered as a revolutional in facial rejuvenation.

Highly effective in the treatment of nasal wrinkles, in highlighting the lines of the jaw or in the treatment of a decrease in the middle parts of the face (puppet wrinkles).

Adjust indistinct facial contours

Fallen cheeks

Relaxed skin on the face

Vertical wrinkles around the mouth

Catalog number: S-056

Price list
Silhouette Soft Lift 550,00 

What is mini-invasive face lifting?

Silhouette-soft threads are made from the body’s own lactic acid and glycolic acid, are absorbable and meet all EU criteria. Silhouette fibers are applicable to everyone, they are introduced into the subcutaneous tissue, their effect is immediate, the whole procedure takes place only under local anesthesia.

It also supports the formation of new collagen directly in the skin, so it strengthens and restores the youthful contours of the face.

How is the performance going?

With Silhouette-Soft threads, no scalpel wound is required at all, as only a thin needle is used in their application.

Thanks to the surface treatment, they are fully fixed in the subcutaneous tissue, which prevents them from moving, and since the threads are made of the body’s own fabrics, there is no obstacle to their acceptance and gradual absorption. This procedure can be repeated if necessary.

The procedure is performed under strictly sterile conditions under local anesthesia. It is almost painless, which is achieved by introducing special silhouette threads into the right layer of skin.

The performance lasts approximately 40 – 60 min. Consultations before and after the procedure are free of charge. After the procedure, bruises and swelling may appear in the applied area, which, however, disappear within a few days after application. No scars.

As a gift from us, you will also receive a special elastic facial bandage, which is highly recommended to wear during the first weeks after the procedure.

Postoperative instructions

a) After the procedure, avoid strong facial expressions, facial gymnastics, do not open your mouth excessively for 14 days

b) apply cold compresses and elastic bandage for 10 days (especially at night)

c) it is recommended to sleep with your head in an elevated position for 3-5 nights

d) wash the face and apply cosmetic products from the bottom up, avoiding friction for 5 days

e) make-up/foundation can be applied after 24 hours

f) do not visit the solarium/sauna for 3 weeks

g) do not perform facial massage or other aesthetic procedures for 4 weeks

h) limit sports activities such as running, jumping, aerobics for 2 weeks

i) do not visit the dentist for 3 weeks