Hair PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy

Vampire therapy is a tratment that comes from your own blood. Blood plasma is being used to provide growth factors to your hair folicules to help them heal and grow.

How is the procedure done? 

We take 15 ml of your boold, we put the syringe into a centrifuge for couple of minutes. By this process we separete your red blood cells and gain pure plasma. Blood plasma is rich in vitamins, imunoglobulins and the most important in this growth factors, that are connected to platelets.  Growth factors give your hair the strength to grow.

It is recommended before and after hair transplant, because those growth factors help the transplanted hair to survive.

Plasma is injected by Vital Injector into your hair cutis. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes.

It is the best to repeat this procedure three times, once a month.


Price list
1x PRP 160,00 
Kúra 3x PRP 400,00  (480,00 )
Balíček vlasových ošetrení 750,00  (940,00 )