Removal of small veins, whisks.

Tiny red veins often arise in the area of ​​the nose and cheeks. We can remove them very quickly and efficiently with a laser. It is true that the treatment is a bit uncomfortable, but it is fast. After the treatment, we have to count on several days (approx. 5-10) of healing, small rattles can form, which, when they fall off, remain a red or pale spot on the skin. This is regenerating new skin.


Duration of the procedure: 30 min

Catalog number: S-093

Duration of the procedure: 30 min
Price list
Oblasť oštrenia – tvár 35,00 
Oblasť oštrenia – stehná 80,00 
Oblasť oštrenia – predkolenie 80,00 

We also remove small veins of the so-called venectasia or whisks on the legs. Here, however, healing can take 1-2 months due to the fact that the veins tend to be thicker and therefore higher energy is needed, which acts a little deeper and therefore healing takes longer.

After the treatment, we recommend applying Bepanthen  or Infadolan.

We recommend avoiding UV radiation until healing; after healing, it is advisable to use a cream with a UV factor when staying in the sun.