Fotona Hair Restart

restoring hair growth

Unique energy of the photon laser, stimulates the hair follicles to restore growth.

➖Hair loss that lasts less than 8 years can be stopped and literally resumed growth.

➖ The blood and lymph circulation is very significantly increased, which ensures the nutrition of the hair follicles and also flushes out the metabolic waste products.

➖regenerates the scalp.

Catalog number: S-114

Price list
Jedno sedenie 100,00 
Balík 4+2 sedenia 400,00 

Fotona Laser

Fotona medical lasers are not only the highest quality and most effective, but also the safest laser devices in the world. Photon technology is recognized worldwide for its highly effective effects in mini-invasive surgery, dermatology, aesthetics, gynecology and dentistry. They provide clients with demonstrable, desired results without pain and without convalescence.

-Unique power of the Fotona laser

-Highly accurate, selective tissue treatment

-Mini-invasive, safe treatment

-Greater comfort and client satisfaction

Fotona Hair restart – restoring the growth of hair follicles

The unique energy of the fotona laser stimulates dormant (resting follicle, with reduced metabolism) hair follicles to restore growth. The follicle can be in such a resting state for up to 8-10 years. So hair loss that lasts less than 8 years can be stopped and the follicles literally restarted. This regenerative treatment supports the metabolism of hair follicles by releasing cytokines that act as growth factors. A very significant effect is the increased circulation of blood and lymph, which ensures the nutrition of hair follicles and also flushes out the waste products of metabolism. It has a regenerative effect on the scalp. Stimulates the body’s repair processes. The result is thicker, firmer and even more voluminous hair.

We recommend combining the treatment with hair mesotherapy or draculotherapy.

Most clients report the number 2 on the pain scale from 0 to 10. Anesthesia is not necessary.


4-10 treatments

1x in 2 weeks

Maintenance therapy once every 6 months

After treatment:

Do not wash for at least 24 hours.

Possible small shuffling.