Fotona Acne Heal

Unique treatment with combined laser technology in combination with excellent Hydrafacial facial treatment.

Catalog number: S-099

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Jedno sedenie 150,00 

Hydrafacial skin cleanses, gets rid of dead cells, thereby increasing the transmission of laser energy. In several steps, the laser acts on the sebaceous glands, in which the production of sebum is reduced, but also the energy of the laser beam kills the bacteria that cause acne. The laser part is finished with peeling as needed. If scars are already present, it is possible to apply a deeper peeling to remove scars (it is necessary to take into account a longer healing).

Finally, the skin is impregnated with bioactive peptides that support healing, liquid hyaluronic acid with antioxidants and illuminated with blue LED light.

The length of healing depends mainly on the intensity of peeling from 5-14 days. A minimum of 4 repetitions 4 weeks apart is recommended.