Emsella™ od BTL

We offer you a unique, truly exceptional non-invasive treatment for urine leakage. 95% of patients report improvement after 6 sessions. NO MORE LEAKAGE !. You can laugh and dance with no worries. Emsella solves the sensitive topic of many women around the world. But there is nothing to be ashamed of! Emsella was created especially for those, who crave to live a life with no limitations.

As a bonus, you will feel a great turn in your intimate life!

BTL Emsella – treatment of incontinence

The main advantages are:

Without undressing

No surgery

No risk

No side effects

Duration of the procedure: 30 min

Catalog number: S-063

Duration of the procedure: 30 min
Price list
5+1 zdarma 225,00  (270,00 )
Jedno sedenie 45,00 

How does EMSELLA therapy work?

The principle of treatment is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with electromagnetic energy. The procedure takes place in your casual clothes, sitting on a comfortable EMSELLA chair. The patient feels only gentle tingling in the intimate areas and pelvis. During the 30-minute therapy, up to 12,000 contractions occur, which are performed with much greater force than we are able to evoke at will. One of the main causes of urine leakage is weakened pelvic muscles, weakened urethral sphincter, but also reduced neurosensitivity, ie sensitivity and ability to control the pelvic floor and urinary sphincter muscles.

Kegel exercises would be a domestic alternative, but these should be performed several times a day and improvement occurs after 4-6 weeks. Improper execution of these exercises can be a problem, mainly due to impaired sensitivity.

In addition to the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, there is also a significant congestion of the organs of the small pelvis (in women the uterus, vagina, bladder, colon and in men the prostate, bladder and colon).

How many times to repeat the therapy?

EMSELLA rehabilitation therapy should be completed at least 6 times in 2-3 weeks.

It is also recommended to sit 2-3 sessions every 5-10 months to maintain the effect. But you can also walk peacefully every month, there is no danger of an “overdose”.