Double Chin

Injecting the lipolysis is a method used to dissolve fat locally. It is recommended to dissolve the fat by injection lipolysis at least 3-4 times in a row. After application, fatty acids are broken down and fat cells break down.

Injection lipolysis is used for:

Double chin removal

Smaller fat deposits

Cellulite removal

Other fat accumulations


Catalog number: S-039

Price list
Balík 4 aplikácii. AKCIA! 250,00 
Jedna aplikácia 80,00 

How does the procedure work?

Removing part of the fat will create beautiful youthful contours of the jaw. It consists of applying a special solution to dissolve fat, improve circulation and improve lymphatic drainage.

The effect is visible slowly about 4 weeks after treatment. The fat dissolves gradually and the great advantage is that it is evenly distributed. In addition, the treatment has a beneficial effect on collagen production, thereby promoting the elastic properties of the skin.

Application areas

– Chin, neck and face

– Thighs and ass

– Lower and upper abdomen

– Knees, shoulders, arms and back

How is the treatment performed?

The application is performed by cannula. The specific place is anesthetized with a local anesthetic. The whole performance lasts up to 30 minutes.

The application must be repeated 4 times, one week apart.