Vampire therapy, or draculotherapy, or PRP are all synonymous for a rejuvenating, beauty-providing procedure. Your beauty lies mainly in healthy, firm and even skin. This miracle comes directly for you.

What does Draculotherapy do?

skin firming

skin rejuvenation

rosacea treatment

skin regeneration

acne treatment

softening of acne scars

Duration of the procedure: 30 min

Catalog number: S-087

Duration of the procedure: 30 min
Price list
1x PRP 160,00 
Pri zakúpení 3 ošetrení 134,00  (160,00 )

How does it work?

The therapy is performed with your own plasma. Plasma is a part of your blood that is rich in proteins, immunoglobulins, and especially platelets, which carry many growth and stimulatory factors. They enchant in the skin and allow us to go back in time.

The procedure consists of taking blood, centrifuging and separating the plasma and then applying it with the Vital Injector to the skin.

What is a Vital Injector?

a mesotherapeutic gun that has 5 ultrathin needles. With the help of the Vital Injector, we can precisely set the depth of the injection and the amount of material applied. Thanks to the vacuum mode, the application is almost painless.

Before the procedure

• Follow the drinking regime 24 hours before the procedure: take 2-3 liters of non-alcoholic fluids (last polliter preferably 2 hours before the procedure), limit caffeine drinks, herbal and green teas

• Do not consume any fatty foods, dairy drinks and/or foods or any food supplements rich in vitamin K 24 hours before the procedure (eg salads, Asian cuisine, olive oil, chicken)

• 2-3 days before the procedure, it is advisable to stop anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibalgin, Voltaren, Aulin, etc.)

• Discontinue acytelsalicylic acid (aspirin, acylpirine, anopyrine) one week before the procedure

After the procedure

• physical examination for 24 hours

• without soaking and applying makeup on the day of the procedure

• avoid excessive sweating (sports, sauna),

• Avoid UV radiation (direct sunlight) for 3 days

• Relax for 2-3 days