Renova Stem Cell Set + Massage Brush

The lotion works against cellulite and contributes to  the shaping and firming of the body. Along with the massage brush, when used regularly, you will achieve results that you will see at a glance. Your skin will be more taut, more supple and radiant.

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Renova stem cell – anticellulite massage lotion

Body lotion with stem cells, which works against cellulite and contributes to shaping and firming the body. It contains a mixture of three active substances – caffeine, forskolin (Indian plant coleus forskohlii), cell boost factor (green algae chlorella Vulgaris), which boosts blood circulation and helps remove free, fatty acids. With regular use, the skin is taut and supple. Shea butter and almond oil are taking care of perfectly hydrated skin.

Body massage brush


The wooden pegs congests and cleanse your skin deeply.

– cellulite
– body massage
– congestion of the skin
– gets rid of dead skin parts