Hyaluronic acid fillers therapy

Healthy young skin contains a lot of natural substances, hyaluronic acid /HA/ is one of them. The aging process, excessive sun exposure, and other risk factors can result in the loss of HA from your skin, causing skin tissue to lose hydration, volume and texture. It is then that unwanted lines and wrinkles appear.


HA dermal filler allows us to restore volume, improve skin structure, increase the hydration of skin tissue and make the wrinkles go away.

Hyaluronic acid fillers therapy

Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of human body. It is present in intercellular matrix, it provides skin tissue hydration and it is also one of the substances of joint fluid.

 It is the most popular wrinkle filler. Hyaluronic acid injection are used to

  • treat lines and wrinkles (nasolabial fold, crow´s feet at the corner of your eye, frown lines between eyebrows, smoker´s lines on the mouth, acne scars)
  • restore or even augment lost volume of your cheeks and temples,
  • plump thin lips, redefine lip border
  • contour jaw line or chin

Treatment: first, if you wish, we will apply anesthetic cream for 30 minutes, then we proceed to actual treatment by injecting hyaluronic  acid by a needle or by blind tip cannula.

The effect is instant, but it takes about a month to settle and to get the final look.

Treatment is temporary and varies according to the treated area and product used. Effects usually last from 9 to 15 months.


Price list

Plumping lip volumefrom 182 €

Lipstick lines (vertical lines above lips)

Nasolabial folds

crow´s feet lines ( around eye corner)

between eyebrows

from 182 €
Contouring cheeks, chin, jawfrom 212 Euro

Prices vary according to product and amount used.